Thing to remember for purchasing prescription eyeglasses

Less than half the population is blessed with perfect vision, meaning that the majority of us need some type of assistance to help us see perfectly. This can mean reading glasses, contact lenses, or strong prescription eyeglasses. But wherever you tend to be on the spectrum of sight, there are things to keep in mind when it comes to selecting your eyeglasses that will help you feel more comfortable and confident when wearing them for the long term. Life is best lived when you can see everything clearly, and that means that it is important for you to get your eyes checked on a regular basis, and get the basic facts for choosing or selecting the methods you will use to ensure you are able to see. Some folks work best with contact lenses, while others prefer to have glasses that they can easily take on and off their face when necessary. Either way, taking the time to find out what best compliments your intended look as well as your lifestyle and personality will ensure that you are going to find the best long term solution for your sight.

First, take the time to choose carefully between contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses. H. Rubin Opticians has a great series of questions they will ask you about your lifestyle and intended use either product to help you determine which on is right for you. Will you be able to take out the contact lenses, store them properly and clean them appropriately before putting them back in daily? Will you be able to get back into the store to have your glasses adjusted so that they properly fit your face and don’t slide around or fall off if you look down at the ground? Will you intend to sleep in your contacts because it will be difficult to remember to take them out? These are some of the great questions they will ask you to help you determine which solution is right for you.

Second, you need to remember that your prescription can change, and every time it changes you will need to purchase a new set of prescription eyeglasses. This can become somewhat expensive, but depending on the type of contacts that are recommended for you, it may not be more expensive than contact lenses. eye examGetting the facts on what your long term spending plans are for the glasses will help you make the best decision for your lifestyle and budget.

Lastly, it is important to remember that if you wear sunglasses on a regular basis, this will have to be factored in when purchasing prescription eyeglasses. As you will take the glasses off to wear sunglasses, you may also want to consider and budget for the purchase of a prescription sunglass pair, as you will need to have both pairs in order to see inside as well as see outside on a sunny day. This may not be a great solution if you are afraid of losing one pair, and you may want to consider contact lenses instead so that you can take your sunglasses on and off and still be able to see the world clearly.

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How can you monetize your parked domain?

So, you have started the domain name purchasing process. Your domain name is purchased, you have the web space, and you have everything you need to get started for one important detail: everything you need to build a website. Perhaps you still need to hire a web developer or your time tables have shifted and you do not want to put the site online yet. What should you do at this point in the process? After all, the domain name is already purchased. Should you sell it back? Should you rush your plans and your timeline just to get the website up? These are all options, but the best idea to reserve your domain name and still make some money off of the space is to utilize domain parking and save your web space while using it for something other than your website! Domain name parking is an option that many people use when they find the perfect domain name and want to make sure no one gets to it before they have the chance to utilize the space. Holding a domain name and leaving the page dormant with some kind of “under construction” label is absolutely an option to make sure that no one utilizes the domain space. But why waste your investment? If you have the space rented out already, your best bet is to go ahead and utilize it through a parked domain monetization system.

How in the world are you supposed to make money off a website that is not even up and functional yet? Many people wonder how this is supposed to happen, and the answer is actually pretty simple. Parked domain monetization involves using the page for ad space and sell the page for advertising space while you wait to use it. Internet advertising publishers monetize the traffic that ends up at site by forwarding them to an ad page with some kind of targeted ad listing or perhaps a link. The links attempt to predict the interests of the potential visitors and usually change based on which links are actually clicked on. The domain name holder typically earns a certain income based on the number of links that have been visited through some kind of pay per click system. With this in mind, it is easy to see how monetizing a parked website is something extremely doable for a parked domain name.

Another great way to use a parked domain is as a placeholder for a website that already exists. The domain can redirect to a another website or domain name that the domain name holder has registered. This is particularly useful in the case of a company rebranding, so that as the new site is under construction, potential new clients can still view the old site so you do not lose business. Regardless, working with parked domain monetization is a great way to increase your revenue without having a site completely constructed. There is no need fret over what you will do in your downtime!

Five influential people in children’s lives include your family dentist

There are few people as important in a child’s life as their parents. Peers are a close second in terms of the amount of influence they hold over them, but there are other important people present throughout the course of a child’s progression into adulthood. Some of them are obvious, and others are frequently forgotten about, but all play a significant role in getting a child from birth to becoming a well adjusted, happy adult.

  1. First, as already discussed, parents play a pivotal role in a child’s development. From day one, they are there to nurture and develop the child as it learns to eat, play, move around, and ultimately read and speak. Children learn habits such as food and exercise from their parents, and they get their genetics from them as well, unless adopted.
  2. Peers probably have the biggest role in socialization of kids. From the first friend to the first day care to first day of school, other kids play a huge role in a child’s ability to adapt to their surroundings. They learn from each other, both good and bad habits, and feed off of one another as time goes by. They fight, sometimes bully, and form teams together, all of which are valuable lessons when growing up.
  3. Teachers, like parents, have an incredible ability to inform a child’s educational development – in fact, even more so than parents do. By teaching them the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic in the early years, it establishes the tone and base for any child’s further education. Those who read and write at younger ages tend to excel academically at older ages, and find themselves better prepared for college than their peers.
  4. Thefamily dentist family doctor plays an important but largely invisible role in a child’s life, or invisible typically until they get sick. The first couple of years of a child’s life are marked by birthdays, anniversaries, measuring height and weight, and the regular schedule of vaccinations recommended for children. Their pediatrician treats them when they are sick, so most kids hate going to the doctor, but he or she plays a vital role in recognizing illnesses and treating children so that your children stay as healthy and active for as long as possible.
  5. Like the family doctor, the family dentist is perhaps even more disliked by most children. Associated with having to keep their mouths open while someone pokes around in there, the family dentist has to devise creative ways of keeping children happy and engaged while they are in the chair. Your family dentist is responsible for watching out for your child’s oral health in partnership with you as the parent, and makes recommendations about oral health care and any procedures that might need to be done as the years go by. If you are fortunate enough to keep the same family dentist for a long time, you will trust them more and more, and recognize that they have your child’s best interests at heart.

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Marijuana app, new banking cooperatives among new businesses developed in Colorado

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Colorado and Washington, both states have seen explosive growth of small businesses set up to respond to the increased demand. Marijuana dispensaries have popped up all over both states, along with subsequent other industries that have had to respond to this new growth, such as banking and regulation. Because of the conflict with federal law prohibiting the sale or use of marijuana for recreational use, banks that are insured by the FDIC are unable to issue small business loans or business accounts to marijuana dispensaries. As a result, banking cooperatives have been created to help businesses find ways to manage their banking.

Other industries have responded as well. The Department of Regulatory Affairs is hiring and training additional staff in the business of marijuana regulation, creating more jobs. A local newspaper hired an additional editor specifically to cover the marijuana industry in Colorado. Legal authorities and law enforcement professionals no longer need to focus on marijuana deals the same way they used to, and are free to pursue other crimes that might have been neglected due to the amount of time spent on enforcing the old prohibition of marijuana.

Some cool other options are popping up as well. Besides just dispensaries opening retail fronts weed clubacross the state, they are also collecting an unprecedented amount in tax revenues for the state as well. The increase has been much needed in tight budget times, and between the new jobs created and the increased revenue, Colorado is doing quite well after legalizing recreational marijuana use. Other businesses are responding, such as companies like CannaCash. A weed club that offers its members discounts and perks for visiting its participating retailers, it is gaining users day after day as it grows in popularity. Because of the increased number of users, there is more bargaining power to get better cannabis rewards from participating retailers, and it is a positive experience for retailers as well who gain and maintain a loyal clientele. Word of mouth, referrals, frequent visits, and positive reviews all help members earn cannabis rewards that can be redeemed at the same participating retailers. This mimics other types of retail rewards programs from major retailers such as department stores.

A decade ago these industries did not exist, and did not appear to be anywhere in the near future. Cannabis rewards were simply unheard of, and a landlord leasing out a store front to a shop that is selling marijuana would never have happened. It is a sign of changing times that these are becoming routine practices in Colorado, and that almost no one blinks an eye. Even those who might have had their qualms about legalizing recreational marijuana use have to admit that the increased business, tax revenues, and tourism have all been terrific for the state of Colorado. Anyone who comes to visit will spend money in Colorado, and that is money that stays in the local economy, including the recreational marijuana economy that is driving a lot of additional tourism.

What makes a self storage unit stand apart?

The self storage industry is one with a lot of competition.  In many towns and cities, there are many self storage facilities, and in order to make yours stand apart, you need to understand your competition, the demographics of your area, and what features people expect to see from a self storage unit.

To begin, you should develop a marketing plan which takes into account your location, where other units are located in relation to your facility, and the type of people who use self storage units in your area.  You should develop an understanding of these things, which will help you to determine the number of storage units you should have in your facility, the size of these units, and any other special requirements that might be a necessity because of your location.  For example, Storage Solutions in Washington State offers special storage for boats, since they are by many lakes and rivers and people are in need of places to store their boats when it is not the boating season. Another example is if you are in a college town and most of your clients are people who are renting out short term units while they are out of town for the summer- if this is your target audience, then you should have smaller units which will accommodate a college students belonging; rather than large units which could accommodation someone who is moving out of a large home and needs a place to store all of their stuff.

Once you have an understanding of your target market and know approximately how many units you will need and the size of those units, it is time to start thinking about the other amenities which people will expect to see from a self storage rental. Offering nice amenities and features will encourage people to choose your self storage rental facility over others in the same area.  Here are some of the services you should consider offering if you want people to pick your business over others:

  • Secure parking and storage for cars, boats, and motor homes. Not all self storage units will offer this service, and it is something which can really make your rental units stand apart from others.
  • Units with more than one entrance: This allows people easy access and also allows them to access their stuff from different sides.  That way you can easily get to something which is in the back of your unit without having to climb across all of your other stuff.
  • Climate controlled spaces: Having heating and cooling in your storage units will help make sure that peoples stuff stays in excellent condition while it is being stored in your facility.  This will protect fragile objects from the cold in the winter and from the hot weather in the summer.
  • High security and 365 access: People want to know that their things are safe when they are in a storage unit.  Having a security guard and giving people personalized codes will help them feel like their stuff is save, and accessible, year round.

The right Burbank caterer for your family reunion

Family reunions are supposed to be joyous, exciting events where entire members of an extended family can all get together after sometimes years of not seeing each other, and celebrate. Because of the extended and blended nature of many families today, certain family members – even those related by blood – might not have met each other for various reasons such as geography and busy schedules. Planning a family reunion, however, can be stressful and as much trouble as planning something as intricate as a wedding if it is not done right. However, there are a few ways to make planning your family’s next reunion much easier.

  • Pick a date well in advance. It might mean a year, it might mean a year and a half, or it could be as long as two years in advance. Giving people ample time to work around it in their schedules, get the word out to all of the family members across extended families, and save up the money for the travel that is involved will be much appreciated. It will also increase the odds that the turnout will be better and give plenty of time for planning and contingency planning.
  • Either after or in partnership with selecting a date, try and pick a venue. Many might not let you book two years or further out, but several of them will let you book within two years. The venue helps decide what kind of party is going to be thrown, as well as determines how many people can be invited.
  • Once you have decided on your location in Burbank, it is time to pick a Burbank caterer for your family reunion. There are many to choose from, but large Italian families will love Belladonna Catering, authentic Italian cuisine that is beloved byBurbank wedding reception many across town. Because of their popularity, booking them earlier on will help guarantee that they are available on the day and time that you would like to throw the family reunion. Burbank caterers are in no short supply, but you really want the best for your family, and Belladonna Catering is the best.
  • Decorations can be decided on at any point during the process, but probably closer to the event itself rather than too early on in the planning stage is best. That way they do not need to be stored for extended periods of time or run the risk of getting lost in a move or anything like that. They will also depend heavily on the venue, whether the event will be outside, inside, or both, and on the season, so buying too far in advance is not the best idea.
  • Finally, music might be the most fun part of planning. Pick a family member who is outgoing and has a great sense of humor to do any emceeing, and consult with several other family members on putting together the right playlist for your family. You could hire a DJ, but it might be more fun to pick out the best songs for the different generations yourself, and surprise everyone.

Loveland Family Dental is our family dentist

family dentist

Are you happy with your current dentist? So happy you would get online to write a blog about it? If you didn’t answer yes to that question it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a bad dentist it just means you definitely don’t go to Loveland family dental care. If you did you might be in my position writing a quick little something just to spread the word about how great they are. You also wouldn’t think I was crazy for doing this! So what is so great about Loveland family dentistry? Well, ironically I probably can’t describe it well in an article and I would say you’d have to go check it out for yourself. Although I know for the purposes of this article that isn’t very helpful. What I would say separates Loveland family dentistry from other dental clinics in the area is there compassion. Compassion towards patients in pain or discomfort, compassion towards changing schedules and last minute cancellations and overall just a compassion for you as a person not a customer. In all my years going to various doctors and dentist offices I have never been so comfortable in a clinic in my entire life. They know me by first name and always stop to make small talk when I am in. They know which magazines I like when I’m waiting to be seen and the doctor seems to be able to pick up where we left off in our conversation. Family dentistry doesn’t always have to feel like you were a family but it certainly does at Loveland family dentistry.

I first came here because I stumbled on their website. There was a huge banner advertisement for a free exam and consultation it claimed the coupon was for a $180 value and that seems like a great deal to me. I made my appointment and was introduced to the dentist just a few days later. While talking to me about my dental history and asking me some questions she examined my teeth and gave me a brief course of action on what she would do going forward. She lay things out in plain English and it was very easy to understand. I think it was right then and there I realized that this was my dentist office and one I could be proud of. I believe if you go on their website now they still have that free exam and consultation coupon or you can opt for the free professional whitening which is a $400 value. All you have to do is pay for a cleaning and the service is free!

With services like bleaching, bonding, crowns, dental implants, restoration, white fillings and more Loveland family dentistry is the place for you and yours. They are one of the fastest-growing and best kids dental care facilities in the area and when you take your kids there you can really see why. They must strive to hire people with great patient care skills because they do a wonderful job of making you feel safe and comfortable.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts in Real Estate Marketing

Social media is here to stay and how you exploit it will affect your real estate marketing. A study conducted showed that 54% of real estate agents believe that social media allows them to be more accessible to their customers. The study further showed that 67% of the agents use the platform in order to communicate with their clients. Many companies have seen just how an important tool social media is in terms of marketing their products or services. Here are some do’s and don’ts if you  plan to implement a real estate marketing strategy through social media.

 real estate marketing


DO: Choose a platform

Currently there are many social media platforms available. The trick is to focus initially on a few strong platforms before venturing out to the others. Google+ and Facebook are good platforms to start on because of their user base. If you want to target professionals believing that they have the necessary resources for your products then LinkedIn is a good place to be. Never become part of all social media platforms available. You may be spreading yourself thin or worse your products may be irrelevant to that platform.

DON’T: Simply posting product lists

The main purpose of social media is to interact with others. If all you do is just list things then people will become disinterested in your company fast. They could even block you as a number of platforms already have this feature. The same is true even for websites. Don’t just list everything. Give it content. In order for it to come out high in search results, be sure to have it is real estate SEO.

DO: Interact with other users

As already mentioned, this is the reason why social media exists. This is also part of real estate marketing. If an individual asks a question or posts a comment, be sure to acknowledge it immediately and reply to it. This will mean two things to the customer. First it tells them that you care about their concerns. Second is that your social media account is not for show and it is meant to help customers. Think of it this way, you’re selling a house yet you don’t have an agent in place. So who will buyers go to if they want some questions answered? So instead of standing in different houses, you’re just sitting in front of a computer and doing your sales pitch.

DON’T: Flood posts

One mistake that companies new to social media is that they post everything and anything. Yes having a company picnic shows that you care for your employees but what does that have to with you selling real estate? If you really want people to know more about your company then include it in your real estate web design and just link it to your social media account.

These tips may seem simple but you would be surprised at the number of companies that continue to violate them. For them social media is a place where you can get loose. While social media is indeed a mish-mash of activities, being consistent will help you stand out among the rest. That is what real estate marketing is all about.

How to drive people to your salons website

Every day in America, people utilize the Internet to conduct searches on a wide variety of subjects. Billions of searches take place every day.  Many of these searches are for local goods and services which people are seeking out.  For example, maybe you are new to a city and you are looking for a new hair salon.  To find a new hair salon in a place where you do not know very many people, it is very easy to simply get on the internet, do a quick search for hair salons in your area, visit a few websites, and then select a salon which seems to fit your style and budget.  This is the way the majority of American’s search for goods and services these days.  People often find it easier and much quicker to get their information from the Internet instead of asking around and taking advice from their friends.

Since this is the reality today, many businesses have to develop marketing strategies which reach people through the internet.  You need to have a good online presence to be found in internet searches, and you need to have compelling content to help get people from your website to your salon’s door.

So how do you design a compelling website and get people to visit that website? If this is something which you have struggled with in your business, you are not alone.  Many people do not have very much experience with digital marketing techniques and designing websites.  Also, designing a website is just one part of the puzzle.  Once that website is designed, you need to continue utilizing it as part of your ongoing marketing plan and figure out ways to draw people to your website.

The first step to developing a marketing strategy for your salon is to find someone to help you design a website which will attract your target customers.  Designing and laying out the website can be complicated, but this is just the first step.  Once you are confident that your salon website has the right message and compelling content, it is now time to harness that website and utilize it as a marketing tool for your hair salon.

So, now you have your website, how do you drive people to it and engage people online? Here are a few tips from our friends at Salon Marketing Guru’s:

1) List your website everywhere: Update business cards and other collateral materials for your salon so they list your website URL

2) Run a promotion campaign to drive people to your website.  For example, print out a stack of cards that say ‘book online and receive 10% off your next purchase.’ Hand these out to customers to ensure that they will visit your website.

3) Update the website with compelling content: Once you drive people to your website with promotions, you want to make sure you provide content that will make them want to return to your salon website. Offer hair advice or other features which will want to make people come back and share your page with others.

These color tips for your window treatments will last many seasons!

Every year, a new season arrives and new colors jump to the forefront as the forerunners in design excellence and style for the new season. This is always an exciting time and designers make strides forward in revolutionizing the way that we achieve color excellence in our designs! It can be expensive to your custom window treatments every year, so find the basic trend that works for you long term. That is the best advice for making sure that your home decorations stay relevant while not costing you a fortune to replace every time a new color takes the cake and makes your designs irrelevant!

Perhaps the most important thing to note when making your color decisions for your blinds and shades and shutters this year is that red is no longer a big deal in the window treatment world. While it had taken the cake for a while as the darling of the window treatment industry, red has been replaced today with a vast sea of ocean hues (pun intended!). It is true, blue has take over as the primary color of choice when making steps forward in the design world. No more will you be caught red handed with your shades and shutters fluttering in pinks and deep maroons; today we are going with custom window treatments in ocean hues to make your rooms feel bright and new! Teal, aquamarine, and soft green are perhaps the most popular of these colors and help you to not only achieve the most popular color palette, but also are relaxing tones that help you find peace and tranquility in your design choices. This is a great way bring a new sense of peace and calm into your rooms, as colors really do have the ability to set the mood in whatever room you place them in!

The trends do not leave you with simply blank canvasses of teals and greens and blues in your home, however. The ocean hues are broken up in this color palette with dusty hues. This truly does help achieve the calming and natural feel that has become so popular alongside this color palette. Lavenders and grays are great ways to round out your fabric with accents. Popular jewel tones include deep persimmons, orange and gold colors for a neutral tone that is deeper and richer than brown, which continues to be square one in terms of decorating. The accents of this lovely jewel tones really brings out the ocean colors in the fabric and makes the look you are going for much easier to achieve!

Finally, which kinds of window treatments do these color best match with? You are in luck, because this season people are going with a more natural look for their window treatments. Organic materials, wood, and bamboo have become particular popular. Pair that with a sleek-lined Asian design inspired look, and you have the perfect window treatment designs ready to accent the lovely colors we have just described. Get ready to create a look that will last the seasons with these color tips!