How can you monetize your parked domain?

So, you have started the domain name purchasing process. Your domain name is purchased, you have the web space, and you have everything you need to get started for one important detail: everything you need to build a website. Perhaps you still need to hire a web developer or your time tables have shifted and you do not want to put the site online yet. What should you do at this point in the process? After all, the domain name is already purchased. Should you sell it back? Should you rush your plans and your timeline just to get the website up? These are all options, but the best idea to reserve your domain name and still make some money off of the space is to utilize domain parking and save your web space while using it for something other than your website! Domain name parking is an option that many people use when they find the perfect domain name and want to make sure no one gets to it before they have the chance to utilize the space. Holding a domain name and leaving the page dormant with some kind of “under construction” label is absolutely an option to make sure that no one utilizes the domain space. But why waste your investment? If you have the space rented out already, your best bet is to go ahead and utilize it through a parked domain monetization system.

How in the world are you supposed to make money off a website that is not even up and functional yet? Many people wonder how this is supposed to happen, and the answer is actually pretty simple. Parked domain monetization involves using the page for ad space and sell the page for advertising space while you wait to use it. Internet advertising publishers monetize the traffic that ends up at site by forwarding them to an ad page with some kind of targeted ad listing or perhaps a link. The links attempt to predict the interests of the potential visitors and usually change based on which links are actually clicked on. The domain name holder typically earns a certain income based on the number of links that have been visited through some kind of pay per click system. With this in mind, it is easy to see how monetizing a parked website is something extremely doable for a parked domain name.

Another great way to use a parked domain is as a placeholder for a website that already exists. The domain can redirect to a another website or domain name that the domain name holder has registered. This is particularly useful in the case of a company rebranding, so that as the new site is under construction, potential new clients can still view the old site so you do not lose business. Regardless, working with parked domain monetization is a great way to increase your revenue without having a site completely constructed. There is no need fret over what you will do in your downtime!